AI for Lawyers and Law FirmsĀ 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is driving a big change in the way law firm do the business, think and interact with the clients. It is now being used more than legal technology. The main reason for making artificial intelligence to stand out in legal profession, is the potential or paradigm shift in how the job can be done. In our common understanding, AI can be referred as how computers are learning to complete traditional job used to be done by human. The way it is done is to look for pattern in data, carrying out tests, evaluating the same and finding results. Natural language processing (NLP) is helping law firm in big way to deal with verbal communication area of interactions. Apart from this, text analytics and machine learning is also helping the legal process to focus on the nuanced analysis and application of the issue.

While this is done via predictive coding to identify the relevant issues and related areas, it significantly helps in estimating assignment price and time required much finer than human can do. On the other hand, by focusing on relevant scope of the issue, gamut of litigation and documentation, you can reduce your time requirement to a large extent with the help of AI enabled solutions. The large volume of data (2.5 quintillion) bytes are created daily and 90% data has been created in last two year. But those are mostly unstructured data and the aim is to lay hand on the relevant area without wasting time to scan through large volume. Here, our customized solution with the above technology application can make your business highly efficient to assess time and effort in handling one case. The result is the substantial cost reduction which can be used as competitive advantage of your practice in the market.

Our intelligent solution developed by in-house experts with necessary customization can offer highly customer centric solution to help create favorable impact.