AI applications are now invading small and medium business space

AI applications have started entering in to small and medium business space where it is needed most than even before. Now you can share your large part of daily routine or managing your pet business, with our automated intelligent solution for support. Interestingly, the performance is going to be finer if not better than what we can do ourselves. This is where today AI is increasingly replacing human effort with equal or better intelligence.

The enhanced capability enables you to take time out for more serious work or growing business further. Our solution can help you in automated scheduling, tracking, connecting, payment process with the host of other value added services such as taking feedback, giving response and auto-send promotional messages. In pet service business, you expect to keep track of your staffs while they are attending the pets or walking with them. Your customer can book their appointments after checking the availability and dates. They can also change and reschedule without hassling you for such issue. Our AI enabled solution can auto calculate sitter fees, daily service for sitters etc. This way, our intelligent solution can practically run your business to make you free for something, you always wished to.