After years of hype, hospitality and travel companies are now delivering real value added experience by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) from search to booking to check-in process. There are things happening faster in travel space which is creating buzz with the help of AI and human-machine interface. It is all possible due to emergence of machine-learning and AI where Google is not only crunching data in lightning speed but also learning how to deliver nuanced result more efficiently. This where all the big names in travel and hospitality sectors, are embedding AI into their chat platform, search process and on their online communications to enhance customer engagement and service excellence. In 2016 AI wave is started in travel and is going to be mainstream by the end of 2017.

When it comes to travel, your customers must be able to manage reservations, redeem rewards points, and make payments conveniently and on their own time. With increased emphasis on automated check-in processes and mobile engagement, the challenge is to provide a flawless experience from booking to completion of travel experience and coming back again with satisfied past experiences – you can now get all the service capabilities in no big cost. The cost savings generated via AI implementation far outweigh, the cost incurred on the project with hugely enhanced service excellence. With the virtual assistant solutions, you can leave your problem to us where you are assured to gain accurate, responsive conversations that allows customers to get more quality experience in less time. This is how, you are now able to turn customer care into your competitive advantage.


With our AI expertise and solution support, you can automate reservation and booking process, account profile, logistics module, loyalty program, concierge, alerts and information sharing. Our reservation and booking solution will help you to drive customer engagement by guaranteeing travel planning easy and engaging. We also provide a secure system solution to maintain valuable information of customers with over 95% accuracy. This is to make customers’ life hassle free for not repeating information again. Our system intelligence is one of the core solution in the AI space, which help customers to select right hotels near to his office or place of visit. It also links other logistic intelligence module such as flight timing and other related travel logistics in synchronized manner to save time and cost with substantial improvement in customer convenience. While we extract best out of our AI expertise for providing solution to your business need, we understand that your top customer deserves the best of care and self-service support. With our technology, we create solution for you which ensure that your valued customers are left with no miscommunication or frustration. While you put your best of effort in exceeding your customers’ expectation, our high-tech fully conversational virtual concierge solution enhances your service level as good as real conversations. Our belief is, you may not control weather, but we together can certainly minimize, if not eliminate customers’ frustrations. Proactive interaction and information sharing can help the travelers to stay informed along the way of his or her journey, till they complete the travel.