Artificial Intelligence for Medical Practice

Healthcare transformation is catching up with every corner of the globe in many ways depending on city, region and country. The key drivers for the reforms are the ever-increasing cost of care, aging, population growth and emerging crisis like situation such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease. In this global scenario, while US initiation was quite early, the Health leaders can take a cue from there in Europe, Asia, Middle-East and Latam. They are transforming their business model and patient care such as appointments, responding clinical questions, billing process and prescription refill in a most cost-effective manner than ever before. By adopting AI expertise, Health leaders are now able to put the patient at the centre of care with solutions around for conversations, diagnosis, physical care, examination process and auto alerts. While value add is the major driver for patient’s satisfaction, AI is helping the leaders to scale up the value chain in care services with higher potential business gains.

With such solutions and services emerging with competitive cost, business in healthcare space is gaining momentum around the globe. In real-life, the healthcare consumers are taking advantage of appointment scheduling, updating profile, bill payment, and insurance processing in their convenience. The emerging solutions backed by AI expertise, is adding value for health leaders and consumers in the whole healthcare value chain. This is done via resilient technology solutions, easily handled accents, background noise, out-of-grammar phrases and responsive technology which conforms to callers’ intentions without forcing them down a prescribed path. With such advancement in technology solutions and its precision applications, business leaders are now busy in looking at their existing processes. In such case, they are taking help of solution and technology service providers to upgrade the existing healthcare process. As health is the most important subject in our daily life, high precision solution is making easy for patients to adopt self-schedule mode with healthcare professionals. This ultimately helps patients to take control of their healthcare experience and develop utmost confidence in the care process which always act as enabler to build tomorrow’s medical care environment.