Today, AI is now influencing every business landscape and becoming integral part of consumer related communications and solutions. AI is churning data from its complexity to make it simple and more streamlined for retailers and consumers at each business touch point. Machine-learning together with predictive modelling, is enhancing company strategy and provide relief to end-users. One understands that every innovation will not carry equal awe-and-shock as driver-less cars did, but impact is highly exciting here. AI is not brand new concept in consumer space, but it is now enabling business to optimize its conventional processes in game-changing manner at much faster rate than ever before. It’s a wake-up call for business to get started before it gets delayed. It is critical as competition may put you behind in the race as we experienced (for some) in digital evolution earlier.

In this ensuing holiday shopping season, let’s get ready to give customers, an all-new experience with AI enabler. The preparation can be made all square around your engagement, merchandising and relationship. Over the years, we have seen major growth in online shopping which is helping business to source large volume of data available in consumer space. This can help the CMOs to understand consumer expectation, preferences and their shopping behavior. However, what we see for the marketers, is the most exciting opportunity to embrace AI expertise for improving consumer experience (CX). Our AI solution is not just to help marketers to use data, it aims to improve data visibility by making dark data, usable first time ever. As a result, you are now capable of creating your AI powered product selectors, gift selectors, stock management and customer relationship among many other solution suite. What could be the most interesting for us to is to undertake a journey in this AI evolution to give your customer a superior experience and path breaking convenience.


Our AI solution promises creating efficient consumer experience by transforming management systems of your retail business. It has ability to mimic human characteristics which may include human-like decision making process and doing human tasks. Our solution provides limitless capability against limited human capacity. This is where AI is getting hugely beneficial for your retail business and the reason why promoters are allocating large budget for building future capability via AI expertise. Our AI solution places consumer in the centre of attention for retail with the help of consumer data available today. With the digital revolution, 90% of such data has been accumulated in last two years. While this data is overwhelming and not related to the retailers, but these are created by consumers in their real shopping actions. With such intelligence and data support in our solutions, we can bring to you a flawless and consistent customers’ experience around stores or online platform or on smart phone applications. This typically covers entire process of “pre-to-post” sales including returns with an assurance of seamless service continuity and significantly enhanced overall customers’ experience.