What is deep learning ?

Deep learning is one of the core component of AI which drives the artificial intelligence process. Deep learning (also known deep machine learning or deep structured learning) is a branch of AI based on algorithms which attempts to create high-level data abstractions by using deep graph with multiple layers of processing, transformation in multiple linear and non-linear form.

This is how deep learning model is developed based on such technique which in turn help machines to make decision equivalent to human capability. The key here is to train a machine for deep learning to behave as close to human mind. A brain inspired architecture, is developed to connect between simulated layers of neurons. This is strengthened based on experience. The process works around archon which is played by program in an emulator that makes decisions on random basis where screenshots are made in every one tenth of a second. All the screenshots are then transformed into matrices and delivered to training model where it is built with use of library functionalities named as Theano. This deep learning model is very simple and multi-layered neural network. Once it is transferred to training model, it also reinforces the learning application which is nothing but decision making system as inspired by animal brain for neurotransmitter dopamine reward system. With the use of screen pixels and other system inputs of the operations, the algorithm learns by itself via trial and error. This is to make decision on which actions are to be taken in given situation to gain maximum reward.

In this digital world of consumerism, consumers are “always on”. They are always active in mail, web, mobile devices, social media and tablets. To keep pace with this real-time relationship environment and compete efficiently in connected marketplace, companies must fine-tune their strategy to cope with the changing scenario. This calls for major investment in technology for the firms to develop applications and platforms which can proactively gauge customer behavior early in the buying cycle and anticipate their need. With the proactive stance, business can help customers to start over when researching and buying on a product or service. This is how companies can take help of service providers who are equipped with the technology solutions and are able to provide customized solution for specific need customer support space. Time has come where companies must develop their plan to identify such need and initiate action to adopt AI with deep learning capability to provide greater customer support in delivering superior buying experience as winning tricks.