What is Machine Learning ?

Machine learning is typically based on algorithms which can learn from the collected or generated data without depending on programming rules. Today, world is now swimming around unmanageable complexity and volume of big data. This is where machine learning is becoming a need of day for the technology world. In 2007, head of Artificial Intelligence Lab (from Stanford University) Fei-Fei Li had given up trying to program computers for recognising objects and started with labelling millions of images (which a child might encounter by age three) and feeding to computers. By seeing thousands of labelled data set (say, cat), machine can shape its own rules to decide whether a set of digital pixels is in real world, a cat. In 2014, Li has unveiled a program which can identify a picture with higher degree of precision. With such dazzling feats, machine learning is becoming a learning process of human sense. The interesting part is the ever-increasing development of data intelligence via machine learning and its combination of variables. This is how machine learning is becoming a mainstream of AI space. It is providing competitive advantage to any business model which is turbocharged by machine language.

Machine learning has been around for about half a century. However, the leveraging technology to help the businesses for more efficient management, has transitioned to customer support space in the recent time. In today’s global business world, every company is facing fierce competition to stay ahead with its brand. One of the key area of competition space, is providing superior customer support and nice shopping experience in pre-buying and post-buying process. To achieve such competitive edge, it is not enough to have traditional or generalised solution. Business must adopt to the present world of digital technology to select right solutions of machine learning. This helps the business to stay ahead in tomorrow’s competitive world by leveraging AI expertise in delivering superior customer support. This not only helps to reduce cost substantially, it also enhances customer span by helping to align brand messaging and guaranteeing consistent experience to consumers.