What is NLP or Natural Language Processing?

Traditionally computers were needing human to speak in a programming language which was precise, structured and highly unambiguous. The development of natural language processing (NLP) application is attempting to address this issue. Human voice or speech is always ambiguous or not precise. The variation can occur due to linguistic structure which is again dependent on many variables including regional dialect, slang and social context. At present, approaches to NLP is primarily based on machine learning, a typical AI applications which uses and examines pattern in data to enhance program’s own understanding. The field of NLP study focuses on human interactions via language and computers. It sits at the intersection of artificial intelligence, computer science and computational linguistics. It is a field which expects machine to understand and manipulate the human language.

How NLP is helping business ?

As companies are looking for far more efficient ways to deliver value to customers, NLP is now becoming an alluring solution. The NLP and its application power can be so disruptive that it can provide customer with empowerment in incremental manner. You can now use the cognitive solution that is capable of conversing with your customers. With the understanding of NLP maturation coupled with its unique usage, you can exploit huge benefit from the NLP applications via cost reduction and customer satisfaction. Needless to mention, it pays for itself. You can adopt NLP as per maturation levels in your business. The levels are in sequence of NLP for inquiry, NLP for conversation and NLP for reasoning. NLP inquiry is used to plan English to identify or ask something. You can use this for retrieving facts. Conversational NLP may be used in the context of user intent. It may be defined as natural language understanding (NLU). Here, our system will allow you for narrowing a set of facts through conversation. NLP Reasoning is the holy AI. It provides ability to your critical thinking and answer open ended questions. The ability of reasoning not only requires knowing the concepts like time, space, mass and inertia but it also requires knowledge of cultural, regional and religious belief which our NLP system can provide with absolute perfection.

How can we help ?

Our solution is aimed at your requirement of NLP maturity level. The advantage, we ensure is to lower and eliminate barrier to entry for BI and big data. Though you may feel that you have large volume of data to deal with the problem, we come for your support to make this data giving BI output with the NLP and AI expertise. It is better that you start early in the journey to gain advantage in this fiercely competitive world of consumer industry. It is well-known fact that human must be in control for regulatory reason. We understand that our solution is not to replace human from controlling position but to enable to make the whole process highly efficient and customer friendly. This would make the business process convenient which is what everyone is in business striving for today.